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Luxury Retreats & Intensive Therapy 
@ The Psychological Therapy Centre

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Why Choose Us?


If you are looking for something fast and effective, which is evidence-based, we have a range of intensive therapy packages and retreats that offer exactly this.  We are a highly experienced of team of Psychotherapists and Clinical Psychologists who have developed treatment packages for a range of difficulties. All of our packages have been developed based on what we have found to be effective through our extensive clinical experience and the most up to date research.


We are offering something unique in that all of our retreats and intensive therapy packages are treatment based and delivered by accredited professionals. Our packages only draw upon therapies that have been proven to work and all of our packages incorporate individual elements to ensure that you receive something that is bespoke and meets your individual therapy needs. 

We aim to work with you as an individual, rather than reducing you to a label. However, we 

are highly experienced in working with the full range of mental health problems including

those that manifest at anxiety-related problems , depression, PTSD / trauma and complex

PTSD, eating disorders, difficulties managing emotion regulation and much more. We have a range of Luxury Mental Health Retreat Packages, which can be located here as well as

Intensive EMDR packages and day retreats. To find out more book a Free Telephone Consultation.  

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The Psychological Therapy Centre 

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