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Wellness in the Workplace 

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We are made up of a team which includes an Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and a Clinical Psychologist, with experience of working privately and within the NHS.  We have lots of experience working within mental health in relation to staff wellbeing and helping organisations and individuals to identify and work on the factors that promote better wellbeing in the workplace.  


Our Occupational Therapist has extensive experience in helping support wellness in relation to work and using vocational rehabilitation to support recovery. Our Clinical Psychologist has extensive experience supporting staff teams in the workplace as well as working alongside management to maximise wellness in the workforce. Our team has significant experience of working in supervisory or managerial roles which means that they have a good understanding of the realistic challenges associated with supporting staff wellbeing, whilst balancing organisational aims and objectives. Our psychotherapists and Counsellors have expertise in supporting people with a range of work-related issues and routinely work with individuals accessing support either via employers or private health insurance providers and are registered with most recognised providers.  


Our work with individuals has included supporting people who are struggling with any aspect of their work that has impacted on their mental health. This might include people who are in the process of a performance improvement plan (PIP), people who are struggling to maintain employment or to return following a period of sick leave.


We also provide training or consultation to companies who are looking to promote the wellbeing of their workforce including identifying common triggers to work-related stress, early warning signs, understanding common mental health problems and how they can be prevented. We also provide support in thinking about reasonable adjustments that can be made to best support staff who may be struggling with mental health-related issues.   

We also offer packages to business looking to develop a pathway for employees to be able to access evidence-based therapies such as CBT and EMDR either locally in our clinics in Bristol, Bath or Brighton and Hove or counselling online (including online CBT, EMDR, or Clinical Psychology Services).  

To find out more please contact us for a Free Initial Telephone Consultation 

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